Becoming A Shopping Annuity Master Member: A Panel Discussion

“The Shopping Annuity Master Member Program is the business. You can’t separate the two,” said Carl Eklund.

The Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM) Program should be at the top of every UFO’s goals for the quarter. Becoming a SAMM is not only possible, but it is more than attainable. It comes down to the UnFranchise Business plan. Are you doing the result-producing activities on a daily basis? It’s as simple as that, but UFOs tend to make it more difficult than it actually is.

Converting spending into earning is has always been the key to the business plan of Market America | SHOP.COM. The Shopping Annuity, even before that term was coined, turned the “Mall Without Walls” from an idea into a reality. With the shift from brick and mortar to digital aggregation, the Shopping Annuity has never been more important than it is today. Once you become a SAMM, recruiting and duplicating will become easier as your business and residual income grows.

At MAWC2018, the Shopping Annuity Booth hosted a lunchtime session titled, “Becoming A Shopping Annuity Master Member: A Panel Discussion.” Five of the best UFOs in the entire business spoke at the session. The panel included Big Al Yentsch, Elizabeth Weber, Carl Eklund, Sarah Rose Stack, and Ryan Stack. These elite UFOs discussed SAMM, how one can achieve membership, and the significance of the Shopping Annuity.

Below are highlight videos from the panel discussion. The highlights are extremely informative and useful so we strongly encourage every UFO to share them with their teams.

MAWC2018: What Is the Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM) Program?

MAWC2018: Shopping Annuity Master Members

MAWC2018: Educating Your Team About the Power of the Shopping Annuity

MAWC2018: The Future of the Shopping Annuity


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