5 Easy Ways to Save $9,144 with the Shopping Annuity

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Did you know that by changing just a couple of shopping habits, you can save up to $9,144? Let’s explore 5 simple ways to save that much money just by living a shopping annuity lifestyle.


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You may ask yourself how we came up with this exact figure of $9,144. All of those details can be found on the shopping annuity website, under assessments. In the meantime, I’ve pulled a slide to reference one of my favorite ways to break it down. Each person has different expenses and different lifestyles. The best part about completing a personalized assessment right on the shopping annuity page or app, is that it will show you exactly how much you would be saving in your household if you simply convert your spending to online shopping.

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Ok let’s get to it. Here are 5 very easy and simple ways to save save with the shopping annuity.

  1. Buy from yourself first.
    • First things first, as a UFO, you should be purchasing exclusive brand products for your home such as SNAP, DNA Miracles, Isotonix, Autoworks, etc.
    • This gives you the most return for your spending and it also spreads the word on the products that you retail.
    • When the exclusive brand products become a part of your household, it shows that the products really do work because they’re good enough for you.
  2. Buy all of your toiletry online.
    • Find a partner store and purchase all of your toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, etc.
    • Buy them in bulk. You’re saving so much money when you’re buying these items in bulk, oh yeah, plus you get the cashback & IBV!
  3. Stock up on office supplies.
    • Sometimes we run out of office supplies and frantically run to the store and pick those items up. This not only takes away time from your day but it also doesn’t pay you and your team. Now if the store you’re running to has an “in-store” pickup option, you’re golden!
    • Once again, buying your notebooks, pens, paper, toners in bulk, will save you so much money. The best part is that you earn IBV, cashback and it also pays your team.jhgvjgcj
  4. Keep the pantry full.
    • There are plenty of options like SHOP groceries, BOXED.com, Jet.com, etc, that provide such awesome selections for bulk purchases.Plan ahead.
  5. Plan Ahead.
    • Planning ahead will save you so much more many then to buy your items at the store, exactly when you need them. Of course, the only exception here is when the online store you’re ordering from provides an in-store pickup option, as I mentioned earlier.
    • Make a list of items in the beginning of the month with things you may possibly need for all of the aspects of your lifestyle.

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The shopping annuity really becomes beneficial when you adapt it to your lifestyle. Once you’ve planned and figured out what works for you, as far as ordering online, do your best to maximize it. That is when it’s easy to say that you save up to $9,144.


One thought on “5 Easy Ways to Save $9,144 with the Shopping Annuity

  • June 2, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    This is so simple that everyone should be doing it! And the more people that do it the more it will drive the prices down and we’ll save even more! More and more stores are coming on board when they see how much traffic they get through our site!
    ~Proud MA business owner


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