5 Things You May have Missed on BeingJRRidinger.com: Recap

AH! Did you miss some very important news? That’s ok, we’ve got you covered with a brief recap on our very own CEOs most recent blog posts. Here are some of the things you need to look out for or are currently here and waiting for you.

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Business Building: New DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle Video

@abeautifulyou4 is excited to fund her SA with the new DNA Miracles Bundle

The DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle has been a hit since making its debut – and now we’ve got a great new resource available to help UnFranchise Owners share this incredible set of products with the world! Below you’ll find our brand new DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle Video to help you promote your business and spread the word about this great new product on SHOP.COM.


New SHOP.COM Memorial Day Promo Available


It’s Memorial Day Weekend! Remind your customers they don’t have to spend their vacations in long lines to take advantage of all the great shopping deals to be had. Share this brand new Memorial Day promo video on social media, along with your SHOP.COM website, to let everyone know that SHOP.COM has great offers on whatever they need to welcome in summertime. It’s 15 seconds long, so it’s perfect to share on Instagram, but it’s great for Facebook and Twitter as well.



Coming Soon: UnFranchise Virtual Partner


We are constantly working on new tools and resources to help UnFranchise owners achieve massive success with their businesses – and I’m excited to announce the release of a brand new feature in June that’s going to help take your UnFranchise to the next level. Introducing the UnFranchise Virtual Partner (UFVP).The UFVP is a unique feature designed to support you in the launch and development of your UnFranchise Business while providing you the ability to help your team develop as well.


30 Day Blitz Training on MeetON with Ryan Stack


With MeetON.com you’ve got some tremendous learning power at your fingertips, and coming up this Sunday at 7:00pm EDT you have the perfect chance to learn and grow with one of the best and brightest minds in the UnFranchise Business as Ryan Stack hosts a crucial 30 Day Blitz Training. This is an incredible opportunity to work smarter rather than harder by tuning in and getting your team to watch with you! You and your team can tune in from the comfort of your own homes or even have a coring at your house with your team! http://bit.ly/stack30dayblitz


SHOP Mexico: Incredible Limited Time Offer with Nike


All over the globe SHOP.COM customers are benefiting from the amazing partnerships we have with other retailers – and right now we’ve got a tremendous deal going on for our SHOP Mexico customers. Right now you can get a whopping 15% Cashback and 4% IBV from Nike on MX.SHOP.COM!



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