UFO Spotlight: Hobie Armstrong

Please allow us to introduce Entertainment Business Coach, Market America Executive Coordinator, and now guest blogger, Hobie Armstrong. In his free time, Hobie enjoys partying and music or a challenging poker or racquetball game.

Hobie Armstrong UFO Guest Blogger

For Hobie, the Shopping Annuity really became an intricate lifestyle piece two years ago, when his mother and junior business partner decided to conduct all her holiday shopping online, which became a huge family tradition that saved a ton of money. “It was the first time she hit the SABP,” Hobie said. “This was the fifth quarter we have hit the SABP.”

As a blogger, Hobie aims to teach people how to shop smart with the Shopping Annuity and Market America by blogging about shopping tips and advice. Hobie strongly suggests making funding a shopping annuity fun, like a game, to enjoy finding the best deals out there and hit the SABP yourself. Hobie’s goal is to build an empire.
A determined individual, Hobie’s blogs are sure to dazzle. Check in periodically to see Hobie’s tips to further strengthen your own business (and save you some time and money, of course).


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