Life as an Entrepreneur, While Working a 9-5

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Life can get a little crazy when you work a 9-5 job (or any full time job) and you’re trying to build your business. I know exactly what that feels like. There is HOPE! The key to this balancing act is organization and simply knowing what you want. Below I wanted to share some key pieces of advice to remember when you’re pursuing the growth of your business and working your 9-5.


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First things first, you have to be confident in what you want out of life and out of being an entrepreneur. Once you are confident in knowing what you want the rest is easy. Being an entrepreneur UnFranchise Owner, is all about being able to believe in what you want to achieve, while at the same time bringing your team along for the ride. Write and plan out your goals so that you have a clear vision and timeline in which you choose to attain them.
You may see some hardships and bumps in the road, that’s pretty normal. Most times I take it as a sign that I’m doing something right. The things that are super easy to do and “come easy” to you, sometimes don’t feel as valuable as those achievements and goals that took a little longer and required much more of your efforts. As you grow your UnFranchise and see your shopping annuity flourish, you will look back and think to yourself how much you appreciate the fact that you started when you did.


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Lean on your team to get you back up if you’ve experienced a setback. Yeas of course it gets super busy, you have a full time job and you’re trying to build an empire. It’s just like “they” say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have your team hold you accountable for what you said you were going to do. This is were team efforts and seeking advice from trusted mentors really kicks into high gear. Know when you’re slipping and not putting your best work out there. Like I mentioned before, taking sometime to plan out your week/month, really comes in handy when planning out what trainings to attend, mapping out growth from event to event.

Most importantly, you have to remember your “why?”. Most of us have to work our 9-5 until we can fully live off of our residual income, which of course is the ultimate goal. This is not a bad thing. Enjoy the journey and the balancing act that requires you to work so hard.



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