How Paying It Forward Really Helps Build Your Business

What makes a business leader effective? Sound decision-making, knowing how to effectively manage people, taking charge, and inspiring others may be a few of the qualities we typically associate. But helping others achieve their full potential is also an integral part of successful leadership.


Shopping Annuity Paying it forward will create a cycle of caring for one another that benefits everyone, including your business.

No matter the product or service you provide, performing acts of kindness and paying it forward will reap rewards for your business by:

· Creating brand advocates
When people see how you engage with your customer base, they will want to be a part of what you’re creating, and spread the word to their friends, family, and internet following. These are the people that will stand for your company, buy your products, and encourage others to do the same.

· Increasing customer loyalty
Customers love businesses that care about them, and a happy customer is 14 times more likely to buy your products again. Contests and giveaways create excitement for an event and the products represented, and they can be a great way to show off the products you offer. Not only will this keeps your customers engages, they will keep returning to your business long after the contest is over.

· Enhancing morale
When you actively try to give back to your customers that are invested in your brand, they will notice. This will make them want to help you out in return by participating in your contests and promoting your products. Everyone will be happier.

To effectively build your business, start by paying it forward with the Shopping Annuity until June 30th. Learn more about how you can pay it forward here.


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