UnFranchise Feedback: Coffee / Tea Survey

One of the reasons how the UnFranchise® Business stands above its competition is through UnFranchise feedback. All of the polls and surveys created by the product and sales teams have a purpose. The feedback is used to add more products that will reward UFOs with BV and IBV.

The more information our team has on your consumption habits, the more products that will be catered to the specific needs of UFOs. Right now, we are running a survey that seeks information on your coffee and tea habits.

It’s important to find and source products that are most relevant to you as an UnFranchise Owner. Since those vary from country to country, it’s critical that we get your direct feedback to help understand you better as a consumer. This part of the survey* is designed to help us understand your preferences when it comes to coffee consumption so we can source the best products for you and your team! Spread this to your teams! Hurry though because this survey will not last forever.

Click here to take the survey!

*The survey is based on each country’s needs so every country will be different. However, the survey will be located on the homepage of UnFranchise.*


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